Goodness, what a year it has been for the All Animal Care Clinic Angel Fund! Did you know that we have an in-house charitable fund for homeless, abandoned, and relinquished pets in our community? The Angel Fund was founded by Dr. Katy Holmes, in 2016, as a means for providing needed medical care to animals that would otherwise be abandoned or euthanized, or die from a curable or manageable condition. Since inception, over 440 animals have benefited from gifts to the Angel Fund.

How is the fund used? We have provided life-saving emergency care, repaired fractured bones, amputated legs that couldn’t be saved, and administered IV fluid therapy, nursing care, and other medical treatments for pets needing hospitalization. We have provided hospice care and love to those with an incurable illnesses. We have run countless diagnostics. We have raised litters of fragile kittens and found them loving homes. Since introducing our feral outreach, we have spayed and neutered over 150 feral cats in the community.

Join Our Foster Army!
Another way to help the helpless until they can be placed in their new homes.

These efforts receive 100% of their support from *you*, our generous community! Our support has come in many forms: food, towels and blankets, toys, time, and good ol’ fashioned cash. We cannot thank you enough for your support; it is what allows us to further our purpose in helping the helpless. Thank you!

Please note, we are not yet a registered 501(c)3 organization.

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